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How to save
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We have saved our clients over $8 million in the last 2 years

* Refer to case study below, showing an example of how this can be done, subject to the circumstances.

Get a cut above the rest with a Tenant
Representative by your side

the smart choice for savvy hairdressers.

In one business owners case, it saved her $87,657.

Your Leasing Co., who are experts at commercial lease negotiations, worked with the Melbourne based business owner and were able to negotiate for her a much stronger 5 year term on her lease – saving almost $90,000 and completely erasing the stress of dealing with a challenging Landlord situation.

Your Leasing Co. has more than 25 years of commercial and retail
leasing experience. We have saved our clients over $8 million in
the last 2 years alone, with our average savings per client sitting at
a whopping $102,000!

You can read more about the client’s story here.

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As a business owner, chances are you have experienced some level of pain, stress or financial worry associated with your Landlord, renewing your lease or finding a new location to run your business.

Business owners don’t have the time, interest or technical know how associated with all the ins and outs of commercial leasing and often negotiate poor leasing deals with their Landlords as a result.

Your Leasing Co. works exclusively for you

Bet you wish someone had told you this service existed sooner!

Well, this type of little known specialist expertise is referred to as a Tenant Representative — an advisor that works 100% for you, the business owner (no Landlord commissions, kickbacks or dodgy side deals).

Your Leasing Co. have been negotiating retail and commercial leases for over 25 years, take care of boring documentation and will generally ensure you no longer need to have any more uncomfortable (and potentially confrontational) conversations with your Landlord.

For all AHC members, Your Leasing Co. is available FREE by phone to answer any type of leasing or Landlord query

Pick up the phone and give Your Leasing Co. a call. (Be sure to mention that you are an AHC Member for special benefits).

  • “Am I paying too much?”
  • “My upcoming renewal is making me nervous — what should I do?”
  • “Is anyone else having the same problems?”
  • “Does my Landlord have the right to do this?”
  • “What if I’m not happy with my current lease?”
  • “Can you explain these bizarre leasing terms in plain English?”
  • “How can I get a better leasing deal?”
Mhairi McQueen,
Koh Elwood

“Kelly just closed a fantastic deal with my landlord and made a substantial saving for my business. Your Leasing Co were very easy to work with, so on the ball and extremely knowledgeable in negotiating and securing the best deal for me.”

Lisa-Maree Horder,
LMH Hair

“I engaged Kelly when negotiating my first retail lease this year. She was fabulous from the very beginning. There were so many things I hadn’t thought of, or even knew was possible when it came to negotiating. Kelly was able to save me so much not only in rent, but time/stress dealing with the landlord, agent and solicitor.”

Jules Peacock,
Lily Jackson Group

“Kelly and her team at Your Leasing Co are brilliant, they are supportive and experienced at dealing with everything to do with your commercial lease. These guys will be my first call when considering any commercial lease or renegotiation of a commercial lease again. Thanks Kelly!”

If you have any questions about negotiating the best outcome for your new lease or renewal,

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